Shoulder pain Perth

Shoulder pain Perth

How shoulder pain can impact your wellbeing and quality of life

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Shoulder pain Perth

Everyday impact of shoulder pain

You may be a golfer who used to enjoy weekends on the course, a hairdresser who styles hair all day, or someone who loves working out at the gym. If shoulder pain is making these activities painful, your quality of life gets affected. 

Shoulder pain can stop you from doing the things you love and make your daily tasks difficult. It can also make you feel left out and sad because you can’t do your job or join in fun activities with others.

What the research says

Studies show that shoulder pain can really change your life. It can make you very unhappy and stressed and even make it hard to do your job. 

“In my practice, I often see people who can no longer do simple things they love, like playing tennis or rugby, because of their shoulder problems. This really affects their happiness and overall life. It’s tough to see how missing out on their favourite sports brings them down, not just physically but also mentally.” 

Dr Sven Goebel | Shoulder Surgeon Perth

Shoulder Pain Perth

Research, like the Yakumo study, found that shoulder pain greatly affects the quality of life, especially in middle-aged and older people. This highlights why it is so important to take shoulder pain seriously and get the right help. 

When the pain lingers

If your shoulder pain doesn’t go away, it’s important to see a shoulder specialist like me. 

“Many people hope their pain will just disappear, whilst it does in a lot of cases, but there are some who end up suffering for much longer. Getting help from a shoulder specialist means you can find out exactly what’s wrong and start doing the right things to get better.”

Dr Sven Goebel | Shoulder Surgeon Perth 

Accurate diagnosis is key, and tests like MRI scans can help us understand the problem better.

Dr Sven Goebel

What is the best treatment for shoulder pain?

Next steps in shoulder pain treatment

Once we know what’s causing your shoulder pain, we can create a treatment plan just for you. This might include physical therapy, which strengthens the muscles around your shoulder and improves stability, and medications to ease pain and swelling. We will only consider surgery if these treatments don’t work. 

Advanced treatments and recovery

In some cases, when shoulder pain is severe and other treatments haven’t helped, I might suggest more serious steps. First, there are injections that can help reduce serious swelling and pain quickly. These are often used when the pain is too much to handle with just medications and physical therapy. 

If the injections don’t give enough relief, or if the damage to the shoulder is more serious, surgery might be needed.

“The decision to go for injections or shoulder surgery is based on how much pain you are in, how the pain affects your daily life, and your overall health.” 

Dr Sven Goebel | Shoulder Surgeon Perth 

The type of surgery depends on what’s wrong with the shoulder. For instance, if someone has a tear in their rotator cuff, which is a common injury, they might need rotator cuff repair surgery. This helps to fix the torn muscles and tendons in the shoulder. 

Other conditions like shoulder arthritis, where the joint wears out, or frozen shoulder, which makes the shoulder very stiff and painful, might also need different types of surgical treatments. Then there is shoulder instability, where the shoulder joint becomes loose and can easily slip out of place. Each of these conditions can be helped by specific surgeries designed to treat the exact problem.

If you are facing any of these shoulder issues, it is important to get the right treatment to help you get back to your normal activities without pain.

The importance of personalised care

Every person’s situation is different, so the treatment plan I create for each person is tailored to their specific needs. It is very important for you to follow the treatment plan closely and keep up with any exercises or treatments I prescribe. Regular check-ups help us make sure the treatment is working and let us adjust it if needed. 

Shoulder pain Perth specialist


Shoulder pain can limit what you can do and lower your quality of life. It is important not to ignore it and to get help early. As a shoulder surgeon here in Perth, my aim is to help you understand what’s causing your pain and to work with you to fix it. 

If you are dealing with ongoing shoulder pain, getting the right help can make a big difference and help you get back to living a pain-free life.

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