Knee replacement Perth

Knee replacement Perth

Everything you need to know about customised patient-specific knee replacement implants

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Knee replacement Perth

Patient-specific knee implants: A perfect fit

No two human beings have exactly the same anatomy. Traditionally, this is a challenge in knee replacement surgery as ‘off-the-shelf’ knee implants might not always offer the perfect fit. However, new technology enables knee surgeons to use patient-specific, custom-made knee implants.

Made according to the anatomy of your knee, a custom-made, patient-specific knee replacement implant offers a precise fit for your unique anatomy whilst simulating how it will move with highly specialised computer algorithms.

About 1 in 5 people are not happy with their knee replacements. Most older implants are based on principles like ‘mechanical’ alignment where the goal is to align the centre of the hip, knee and ankle in a straight line to reduce wear and tear on the implant. However, a more recent focus on ”kinematic alignment” gives reason to believe that custom-made patient-specific knee implants could allow the knee to move more naturally.

“With ‘custom knee implants’, we simulate how your knee moved before it was affected by arthritis. We aim to match that natural movement using a technique called ‘kinematic alignment’. We also consider your unique knee shape, ensuring the implant fits and feels right.”

Dr Sven Goebel | Knee Surgeon | Knee Replacement Perth

Knee replacement Perth

Benefits of custom-made, patient-specific knee implants

Before I go into the details, let us start with a simple analogy: buying a suit. An off-the-shelf suit may fit reasonably well but may be a little loose or tight in certain areas. A tailored suit, made to fit your unique body shape, will always fit and provide superior comfort and fit.

It’s similar for knees. As every knee is slightly different, what works well for one person might not work as well for another.

“By tailoring the implant to your unique knee anatomy, we get a better fit, which in turn can lead to fewer complications, better function and a more “normal” feeling knee.”

Dr Sven Goebel | Knee Surgeon Perth

  • Fewer complications: A more precise fit means there’s a reduced chance of complications post-surgery.
  • Better function: A custom-fit implant can mimic the natural movement of your knee more, allowing you to move more freely and comfortably.
  • A more ‘normal’ feeling: While traditional knee replacement implants can feel foreign, a patient-specific knee implant is designed to provide a more natural feeling post-surgery.
  • Faster surgery: The procedure can be done quicker. Depending on the complexity of the surgery, this type of knee replacement can be done in under one hour.
  • No requirement for expensive intraoperative technology: The planning and sizing of the implants have been done well before the surgery, expensive tools like robots are not necessary.
  • Bone reservation: No need to remove extra bone, unlike standard implants that often require additional bone removal to fit your knee.

Knee Replacement Procedure in Perth

How does it work?

So how does this personalised knee surgery actually work?

Initial scanning:
First, you’ll have to do a CT scan. This scan provides a detailed, three-dimensional view of your knee and its anatomy.

The manufacturer of the implants uses specialised software to analyse these images and a virtual 3D model of your knee is then created. This model allows simulating the procedure, determining the optimal size of the implant to achieve a proper range of motion, stability and functionality.

Once the virtual 3D model is finalised, it is then printed on a medical-grade 3D printer. From this model, patient-specific surgical instruments are developed, designed to fit precisely your knee.

These instruments are then 3D printed, sterilised and shipped to Perth. Inventory is not necessary and sterilisation costs are much lower.

“You may wonder if this type of knee replacement procedure is more expensive than a traditional procedure. And here is the good news: in Australia, there is no extra cost.”

Dr Sven Goebel | Knee Replacement Surgeon Perth

Knee surgeon Perth

Why Dr Sven Goebel for knee replacement surgery?

Knee surgeon Dr Sven Goebel has consistently been at the forefront of orthopaedic innovations. He was among the first surgeons worldwide to use computer navigation for shoulder replacements. With custom-made, patient-specific knee implants, he is one of few Perth knee surgeons offering this procedure to patients who need a knee replacement.

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