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Your rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons in your shoulder that helps you move and lift your arm. You can tear it suddenly if you fall or hurt your shoulder. Commonly however, it is a slow degenerative process which is part of ageing.
Rotator cuff Perth - The role of MRI - Dr Sven Goebel - Shoulder Surgeon
When choosing a shoulder surgeon, it’s important to find someone who isn’t just a general orthopaedic surgeon, but someone who is specialised in shoulder pain and shoulder surgery.
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As a knee and shoulder surgeon in Perth, I often hear common beliefs about shoulder pain or knee treatments during consultations. These myths often are amplified online and it's important to address them for a clearer understanding. Here’s a list of 6 common myths.
Knee and shoulder surgery myths
No two human beings have exactly the same anatomy. Traditionally, this is a challenge in knee replacement surgery as ‘off-the-shelf’ knee implants might not always offer the perfect fit. However, new technology enables knee surgeons to use patient-specific, custom-made knee implants.
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If you look back only 2 or 3 decades, as a patient over 60, your shoulder surgeon might have recommended against orthopaedic surgery. But times have changed, and so have surgical techniques and technology.
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